iconic suspension lamp
design: JAN PAUL

colosseum under 3 wp

The design references and pays tribute to the most well known and iconic structure in the world: the Eiffel-tower.  To understand where the lamp is made of : it’s necessary to go closer and look at it with more caution.  The detailed structure creates a stunning shadow play.
The design is also a comment on mass-production, over-production and consuming.
The design of the Eiffel tower is enormously overproduced, used in souvenirs, prints, posters, commercials, coffee-mugs etc.   It’s iconic shape is grown larger than the tower itself. Using mass-produced souvenirs as a building-block: 
I created a new shape and design. Result is a very expressive, dynamic and striking looking lamp , with layers of humor and poetry hidden in the design. “Colosseum” wants to express and enhance the positive connotation of the shape it is constructed from. A large suspended light that works great in restaurants, hotel-lobbies and residential spaces.
material: coated steel
dimensions: diameter: 72 cm. Height: 41 cm. / diameter: 28,4 inch height: 16,2 inch.
Including: 1x E27 , max. 230 volt lamp-holder ,steel wires, mounting materials.
color: white matted finish
product weight: 13,5 kg / 27 lb
retail price: 1562,00 Euro  /  1770 USD     exc. BTW / VAT

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colosseum detail 3 wp

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