flux (chandelier)

design: JAN PAUL

rare beauty in everyday objects”

Numerous experiments with materials and shapes resulted in a new productionmethod:
Flexible steel tubes are shaped by hand and become strong and rigid after forming.
Each item is handcrafted, shaped without the use of any molds, machinery, or constructional elements, making each object a unique piece.
The shape is created free-formed by hand and bound by the flexible characteristics and radius of the material.
The “Flux”-series consists of organic and dynamic objects that are inspired by nature:
The way that plants, trees, organisms and rivers meander, grow and flow. Seemingly random and chaotic, but following destinate paths.

“FLUX -chandelier”

The center of the chandelier is an intersection made of chaos: Steel tubes organically flow under and over each other, trying to find a way out. The tubes continue to flow, and meander into 6 straight geometric arms. The arms hold 6 light bulbs

Material: steel tubes / polypropylene
width: cm. / inch.
Height: cm. / inch.
Diameter: cm. / inch
color: chrome
product weight: kg / lbs
bespoke custom made objects on request
price on request

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