lock (coffee)

bamboo coffee table
design: JAN PAUL

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“LOCK” coffee table is designed out of the qualities, possibilities and characteristics of its material: BAMBOO.  The frame is build up from pressed layers of flexible bamboo. The shape is formed by the bamboo’s natural bending curve. The layers of bamboo curve through each other and entwine, locking each other in place. Two different color-tones are used: natural and caramel bamboo.
This “layer cake”enhances the curves ,flow and shape of the table.
End result is a mix of nature and mathematics, of possible and impossible. A strong dynamic shape that looks different watched from different viewing points. A contemporary coffee table design and a mid-century homage.
A strong, highly sustainable ,flexible, beautiful and renewable material. Bamboo grows without the help of fertilizers. The bamboo tree is mature enough to be cut after three years. The trees are processed into the most environmentally sustainable wood on Earth

material: base: Bamboo.
Top: 8 mm. Clear tempered glass
dimensions: length: 70 cm. / 27,6 inch.
width : 70 cm./ 27,6 inch.
Height: 50 cm. / 19,6 inch.
Diameter: 80 cm. / 31.5 inch
color: caramel and natural bamboo.
Hard-oil finish. Clear glass top
product weight: frame: 9 kg / 19,8 lbs
top: 10 kg / 22 lbs
total weight: 19 kg / 41,8 lbs
retail price: 1029,00 Euro / 1209 USD      exc. VAT

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