secret cabinet
design: J A NP A U L

timesafe janpaul.design interiorTIMESAFE : a safe storage for personal and valuable items, expensive wines ,etc.
I designed a new interpretation of a time-lock / combination-lock to secure the cabinet.
There is no actual lock on this cabinet: just 162 working doorknobs, wich can be turned in both directions. Only two of the knobs open the door when turned simultaneous in the right direction.
The owner of the cabinet can open it at first try, knowing which knobs to turn and pull.
Others must try all knobs, directions and combinations to find the right ones.

It would take about 24 hours of twisting doorknobs to open the door, while trying more then 14000 combinations.

The matted golden finish of the door provides a backdrop for the shiny gold-finished polished doorknobs. These doorknobs mirror each-other, the surrounding space and light, creating intriguing mirror and light-effects. This causes the cabinet to have different appearances, depending on the surrounding light and point of view.

The cabinet has a minimal shape with subtle rounded edges, finished in matted white to shift the attention to the flamboyant door.

Optional: just one knob works: it takes +/- 10 minutes to find it.
Height : 159 cm. / 62.6 inch width: 76 cm. / 30 inch Depth: 50 cm. / 19,7 inch. Weight: 120 kg. / 264 lb.
Price on request: CONTACT US

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timesafe janpaul.design frontview

timesafe janpaul.design detail 01

timesafe janpaul.design opening

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