coffee table
design: JAN PAUL

“Untouchables” coffee table

“Untouchables” coffee-table is constructed from two identical, sculptural, streamline shaped objects.
The objects are placed in such way that they don’t intersect, but seem to flow over each-other.
The weight of the glass top provides the stability
The design is inspired by laws of physics.
A visually interesting and challenging object.
Playing with tension, balance, strength, gravity, weight and stability.
Unlimited edition , signed and numbered by maker. Custom-made editions possible
base: beach wood
Top: 10 mm. / 0,39 inch Clear tempered glass
Height: 30 cm. / 11,81 inch. Diameter: 130 cm. / 51,18 inch
color: glossy white coating. Clear glass top
Product weight: frame: 37 kg / 81,5 lbs glass top 25,5 kg / 56,2 lbs total weight 62,5 kg / 138 lbs.
retail price : 2992 Euro / 3391 USD exc. VAT/ BTW
shipping USA and world :337 usd
ships from The Netherlands
Ask for lower shippingprices to other EU countries

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